Signs of Weakness

Day 21 – 22nd September 2013

Kolding – Horsens – Skanderborg

I was too tired to write yesterday. This was mainly because of the time i went to bed the day before that. I was at a warm, nice and clean Bed and Breakfast where i stayed up until midnight writing my Blog and skyping my dad. But I told the woman from the B and B that I would like to have breakfast at 8 am. So I had to get up early with hardly any sleep.

During the breakfast I had a little conversation with the lady and she told me that she did something like me with her family. Only by plane and they went all the way to South Africa. They had their own little plane and flew from one place to the next for one whole year.

It is always nice to hear such stories.

Since it was Sunday I thought there would not be a lot of stores open, but actually there were a few Supermarkets that were. I stopped and got myself some Daim Chocolate.


After a few hours of cycling I felt a piercing pain in my thigh and a little bit later the same thing near my knee. But both of them went away after a short break.

Further down the road I realized that I was really tired and had to stop whenever I saw a place to sit. This was when I thought to myself that I should have gone to bed earlier.

I settled for the next best camping area, put up my tent and went to bed without having dinner. It was 6pm when I fell asleep even though there is a busy street right next to the area and you can hear a lot of cars rushing by.

This morning I woke up at 8am. I really cannot believe I slept that long.

I didn‘t get really far today:

Km today: 69.96 km Time: 3h 54min KM total: 1603km


2 Antworten zu “Signs of Weakness

  1. Nico:-)

    1600km ! von Köln nach Rom sind es 1400km..

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