I Figured It Out!

Day 24 – 25th September 2013


Vinderup – Holstebro – Ringkøbing



The key to getting far while riding on your bike is the wind. Of course it is important to have a good bike and be well trained, but if you really want to make some distance you need the wind in your back. It took me long enough to figure it out. 

When I started this morning the wind was coming from behind me and the landscape seemed to fly past me. But this did not last very long, because the street soon turned and the wind was suddenly against me. I went from 100% to 15%. And if you are unlucky you have to fight against the wind for hours. 

At least I had the luck and I could continue most of the way wit the wind coming mostly from the side or the back.
But one thing is still a problem. The streets are not made for bikers like me. Most of the time I have to ride on the road where the cars drive with 70-100 km/h and only a few centimeters next to me. It gets really annoying after a while. 


But anyway I reached my destination which is the beginning of a road that has the sea on both sides. You can look it up on Google Maps. Just type in the last city I put at the beginning of the page.

 I am sick of noodles with pesto. Any suggestions for good food?


Today You get an extra statistic:


Km today: 85.04 km Time travelled: 4h14min Average km/h: 20 km/h Distance total:1877 km


4 Antworten zu “I Figured It Out!

  1. Ben

    bin dann jetzt auf dem weg mit dem roller um dich einzuholen revan…

  2. Thomas + Heidi

    Hi Revan, what a cool Blog, Very exciting to take part of your way. Enjoy your time and may the wind always be in your back! Thomas + Heidi

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