Along the Sea

Day 25 – 26th September 2013

Ringkøbing – Esbjerg


The Bed and Breakfast I stayed in had a very good breakfast. The room looked like a royal dining room and the food was plenty. I actually ate so much that I had a very painful bellyache and was unable to move for about one hour. When I continued my journey I still felt the pain but I was able to ride very slowly.

When I got to the street that I told you about yesterday I was almost well again. And distracted by the beautiful landscape i soon forgot about my problems.

It seems that I am very lucky because the sun is following me wherever I go. Today was another wonderful, sunny, warm day. The wind was blowing from the right direction and I soon arrived in Esbjerg. The problem was finding a place to put up my tent. Somehow my internet does not work anymore and I had to figure out where the place was that I looked up earlier on Google Maps. So I had to ride a long tie until I finally managed to find the Camping area.

Right at the moment when I arrived, I received a call from Patty (also a returnee at the EF Camp), who drove all the way from Fyn to Esbjerg just to see me. We went to a restaurant and had some MEAT since I really need that stuff. While eating we discussed which way I should go next.

Some of you may already know that I really do not know where to go. I would love to take the ferry to England, but I already freeze in my tent and I think it is time to go south towards Italy. The only thing is, that I don‘t want to go through Germany again.

Somehow I got stuck.

The decision will be made tomorrow.  What can I say: I am a procrastinator. That‘s what I do best.

Now I sit in my little tent while the rain is falling on the cloth. And since my internet doesn‘t work, you will probably get this tomorrow.

“A good breakfast is the key to a good day“

Km today: 108,73km time: 5h 07 min km total: 1985km


4 Antworten zu “Along the Sea

  1. Lilly

    Hey Revan! Komm einfach nach Chile hier wird es gerade Sommer! 😛

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