Hello Germany

Day 27 – 28th September 2013


Skærbæk – Tønder – Klixbüll


My body spent the night in 2 different places. My feet and legs where somewhere around the North Pole and my upper body in Italy or Spain. When I got up I really had to take a long very hot shower to get the feeling back into my toes. That was one of the reasons I didn‘t get on the road until 1 pm.

After a while I switched countries again. My wonderful time in Denmark has come to an end. A bit more than a week in the country of Krones, nice cities and beautiful girls, I ended up back in Germany. Suddenly all the road sings are readable and the things do not cost 100 or even 500.

When I arrived in Germany I wanted to ride along the see. And I made my way towards the west where I saw some huge windmills. My thought was that the sea is where the windmills are. So I orientated myself on the windmills but I did not get anywhere. The windmills where nowhere close to the sea. After a while I decided that I was tilting at windmills and changed my way to finally find another camping site to freeze one more night.


My legs have been through a lot but still managed to go this far:

Km today: 84.42km time: 4h 1min total Km: 2136km


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