A Flat Tire and a Few More Friends

Day 28 – 29th September 2013

Klixbühl – Niebühl – Husum – Tönning

Waking up this morning at 7.30 am was not hard at all. The air was still freezing but I could not sleep any longer. Since I did not have any breakfast, I had to find some bakery where I could get some bread. And while I was at it I figured I could also use some Nutella kind of thing.

The ride was very hard today because the wind came from the east and I was going southeast. But everything went fine until I came to Husum. While I was looking at an Info-Map I realized that my tire was flat. The 3rd time.

Don‘t worry people I got it fixed but now I have the same problem as last time. I cannot get it pumped up all the way. Now I am ridin‘ low. Which is very annoying, because I cannot go really fast and have to slow down before every hump.

Well that swiss cheese tire got me all the way to Tönning in the end where I planned to stay at a youth hostel.

Everything went fine and when I reached the town and asked for direction an old man rode with me all the way to the hostel. Arriving there I realized that the next check in time is at 7.45 pm and I arrived at 6 pm. So I had to wait. But the time passed fast and out of nothing 2 strangers appeared with their bikes also wanting to stay at the youth hostel. So we waited together and got into conversation.

The guy is from somewhere around Frankfurt and is on the road already for 6 years. Traveling in summer and working in winter. But he started riding the bike only a year ago going already all the way to Oslo.

The girl is from New Zealand and bought her bike in Kopenhagen took the train to Esbjerg and met the guy somewhere near the German-Danish border. Her goal is Amsterdam.

It is always nice meeting people. Especially fellow travelers.

If you wake up early you can really go far:

Km today: 94.47km Wheel turning time: 5h 34min Km total: 2231km


The „Bro“ Way (only for Bro’s)


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