3 Bikers Against the Wind

Day 29 – 30th September 2013


Toenning – Büsum – Meldorf





The breakfast I got at the youth hostel was pretty good and they really had some great cereal.

The 2 from yesterday and I decided to ride together for a bit. Somehow we moved slower than I usually did, but it could have been the wind that was really strong and by chance coming from the way we wanted to go.

It is really tiering if you have to ride agains a wall of wind that is blowing right into your face. Luckily we were 3 people so we could take turns in being the windshield for the 2 others.

The route took us along the north sea where the view is epic and the nature is beautiful.

We passed a huge dam and road on streets surrounded by water.

All in all it is actually very nice to have someone to talk to and find out more about the others.

This time we went camping in the wild. We had an awesome dinner with vegetables and lots of other yummy stuff. It was really nice having something different than noodles with pesto for a change. And additionally we celebrated Christians birthday with some good cake and ice cream.

I will tell you more when I have more time.



I didn‘t get far but had a lot of fun:

Km today: 60.84km wheel turning time: 4 h 7 min km total: 2292km


2 Antworten zu “3 Bikers Against the Wind

  1. Mehmet

    Das ist doch ein Beweis dafür, dass der Mesch ein soziales Wesen ist. Es ist doch schöner, wenn man mit anderen zusammen ist, auch wenn man nicht soviel schafft, wie man wollte!

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