Anniversary with a few surprises

Day 31 – 2nd October 2013

Glückstadt – Hemoor – Otterndorf


The Coke-Guy really held his promise and gave me 3 Coke cans for free. I was happy because I always reward myself with some coke when I rest after a hard day biking.

But these things aside.

Today was a special day. It has been one whole month since I left my home and started to hit the road. So the day had to be special somehow and it started pretty good with the free drinks.

I checked out at the youth-hostel and went to pick up my fixed bike, Well the bike was ready to go but somehow I was not. I had some kind of blockade. So I first went to the center of the city, sat dow and enjoyed my first can in the sun. And after buying some socks I went to the supermarket to get some shampoo. While walking down the candy aisle I noticed the Maraboou Daim chocolate in King Size and I just had to get it. Such a treasure because I thought they were only sold in Denmark Sweden and Finland.

So I sat down in the park, enjoyed my chocolate, listened to music, talking with friends and family on the phone, and thought about where to go next.

After sitting there for about 3 to 4 hours my friend Jules called and we decided to meet up in Hemoor which actually meant that I had to ride at last. But now I had a place, a goal, a finish line to reach.

In order to reach Hemoor I had to pass the river Elbe with the ferry and a bit more time to relax. While relaxing I could see the nuclear power-plant Brunsbüttel.

Arriving in Hemoor I waited forJules at the train station. He took his bike into the train so we could ride a bit together. But when he arrived and we finally decided on where to go and what to do I realized that my back tire was flat AGAIN!!!! I was so angry, because I had just bought a new tube yesterday. So I had to go to the bike store in Hemoor. I decided that this could not go on any longer and told the man in the shop the whole story.

Unlike the woman in the store in Glückstadt this guy was super friendly and understood my problem and we had both the same idea. I needed a new tire because the old one cannot hold the whole weight of my tent, food, camera, myself and all the other stuff in my bags and pockets. So I got a complete new tire in about 5 minutes. If you are ever in Hemoor you should really check out this bike store.

From now on Jules and I could roll. And we did. Our goal was actually Cuxhaven but it was already 6 pm and by the time we were in Otterndorf we decided if we stop here we would actually have time to eat something and talk a bit. So we ordered a Pizza and later sat dow in an Irish pub and talked until it got really late and Jules missed his train and had to get the next one.

I must say it was a very nice anniversary day.

Even though i did not want to go anywhere at all, these are the numbers of the day:

Km today: 64.87km Wheel turning time: 3h 27min Km total: 2444km


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