Containers, Ships and More

Day 32 – 3rd October 2013


Otterndorf – Cuxhaven – Bremerhaven – Nordenham



Starting from Otterndorf I had the wind in my back and reached Cuxhaven in 1 hour. Here I followed the North-Sea-Route. Since today is a German holiday, many people were at the shore, taking a walk or just enjoying the sun with the wind. 

The route took me south towards Bremerhaven. Sadly the wind turned somehow and I had to fight it for the rest of the day. 


Arriving in Bremerhaven I first saw the huge container harbor. I think it is about 4 km long or even more. It looked really impressive. But when you enter Bremerhaven from the north, you will first find yourself in the harbor area where there is nothing but gray buildings, ships, containers and long brown trains loaded with millions of cars. 

The impressive thing is the size of the area. It felt like I rode through the harbor for hours and lost my nerves when a train crossed the street in slow-motion then stopped and then reversed again all while I was waiting to cross the road along with 20 cars.


I finally managed to get into the center of the city where it actually was pretty nice with a lot of modern buildings and museums. But by then my mood had already reached rock bottom and I just wanted to get out of the city area. 

I found the ferry very easily which would take me to the other side of the river Weser. I actually got forgotten by the conductor and the ride was free for me. 


Reaching Nordenham which is right on the other side of the city I found again a youth hostel where I even got an all-you-can-eat noodle dinner and a warm room with a bed.


The wheels keep on turning:


Km today: 90.25 km wheel turning time: 5h 25min KM total: 2534km


2 Antworten zu “Containers, Ships and More

  1. Mehmet

    Wow, die Schallgrenze von 2.500 km ist auch schon durchbrochen! Gut gemacht, weiter so!

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