Talk‘n Bike

Day 33 – 4th October 2013


Nordenham – Rodenkirchen – Varel – Aurich – Emden


The little kids woke me up even before my alarm went off. I rushed down to breakfast. While I was getting some bread I got into a conversation with a jung man who is also biking but only for a few days and he is going the way that I came from. We talked during breakfast until he left since he had to catch the ferry that I did not pay for. 


Well I packed my stuff and went to the reception to pay. While waiting there another young man came and we also talked for a bit. He is from Aachen and is riding his motorcycle along the North Sea. He was very nice and even have me his phone number so i could call him if I am ever in Aachen and stay at his place for a while. 


When I finally could take off, the sky was already full of dark clouds and it started raining pretty soon. First just a few drops and then after a while it got really intense and I had to take shelter at a bus stop. 


Even though it was raining, it somehow gave me the power to ride very fast. I found myself at the Ems-Jade-Canal and suddenly the sun came out and dried up all the rain. From here on it turned out to be a very nice day. 


While biking I passed a few older men and when I stopped a few meters later, they stopped to and we got into a conversation. The 4 men are all over 60 and are riding 90 km a day I just had to pay my respect to those men. After a few minutes talking I took off again. After the route went a bit south, away from the canal and then took me back to the canal again I saw a man that looked like the men from before and I thought he was one of them. I thought I had made a huge detour. But this guy had nothing to do with the others and we got into conversation. AGAIN!!! 


Well I took off. After the nice little city of Aurich, I arrived at a watergate. Here I had a little break. And a while later a man arrived on his mountain bike and I greeted friendly. 

Guess what?! We got into a conversation. He is actually a canoeist and just took a brek today from paddling and hit the pedals. 


“OK enough talk.“ I told myself and decided to speed up a bit. 


Finally I reached Emden. I did not make it to the center yet because I was looking for a camping site. Bad luck. There is no camping site near Emden. (Thanks Leon for checking).

So I asked at some farmers house and he allowed me to put up my tent next to a lake on his property.



Even though I talked a lot I still got pretty far:


Km today: 124.79Km Wheel turning time: 6h 11min km total: 2659km


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