Difference is not Bad

Day 34 – 5th October 2013


Emden – Papenburg – Meppen


Getting up at 7.30 am was not hard at all. A few minutes later I arrived in Emden, where there was some kind of farmer market was going on. I looked a bit around since I still had to wait for the Tourist Information office to open. 


I asked weather or not there is a ferry that would take me right to the Netherlands. But the one that actually goes to there is only open until September. 


So I had to take the long way and went to the river Ems. Here I had to take the ferry over to the other side. The conductor was a real northern German. He had the accent a long white beard and showed the passengers how to cut a fish during the ride.


While I was riding on my own again, I though that it would be nice to bike down the river Ems to Meppen and then head for Netherlands tomorrow. 

I decided that I needed to recharge my laptop, camera, iPod, and phone. So the only choice I had was to find a youth hostel. And the next one was in Meppen. But Meppen was really far away and I knew that I had to put some muscle power into the ride. 


While I was thinking about these things I overtook a man on his bike. He said something that I did not understand because I had my headphones on. So I took them off. 
„Sorry, what did you say?“

And he repeated somehow in German but I still did not understand. So I slowed down, rode next to him and finally I could understand what he was saying in a thick northern German accent.


He asked about my tour and where I was going. (If you read the things I wrote yesterday you know that I had a lot of conversation and now I thought it is starting again).

I explained and he told me that we could ride a bit together. He was my guide for the beginning of the day. And while riding we talked about the differences between north Germany and the rest. 

What I recognized is that they say „Moin“ (which is a shortcut for „Good morning“) at anytime of day. And if they are real crazy they even say „Moin, Moin!“. It always makes me laugh.


Papenburg is a nice little city with a small canal which goes through the shopping street in the middle of the city. But the coolest thing about Papenburg is that their Tourist Information is in a sailing ship in the canal.


Well I had to continue. And 5km south of Papenbourg I met an old couple and asked them if they know how far it is to Meppen. And the man got his maps out and tried to look for the way. Those 2 were so nice the lady even tried to give me some candy.


Somehow I arrived in Meppen. First I did not get to see the city a lot and went straight to the youth hostel. That was a good decision because the lady at the reception was just about to leave. Well I checked in and then went outside to look at the city and to grab some dinner. 

If you are ever in this area you have to check out MEPPEN!!! It is really wonderful. I call it little Münster. The center is just beautiful. My camera had no battery so I could not take any pictures. But those could not capture how stunning this little city right next to the river Ems really is. You just have to go and check out for yourself and I can just recommend it to anyone.


I found a Döner restaurant. (All of the Germans should know what a Döner is.) Usually it is meat inside a pice of bread with salad and lots of other stuff in it. But here in Meppen they have different kinds. They wrap everything inside some kind of Pizza dough. But it does not taste bad at all. It is just different.


What it took me to get to Meppen:

Km today: 133.76km wheel turning time: 7h 5min km total: 2793km


4 Antworten zu “Difference is not Bad

  1. Mehmet

    We need some pictures from little Münster!

  2. Mehmet

    Übrigens: Der Titel „Differnece ist not Bad“ ist sehr treffend! Guter Einfall!

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