Flies, Flies Everywhere

Day 37 – 8th October 2013


Emmerich – Kleve – Nijmegen – Bergen




Since I did not make it to Kleve yesterday, I decided that my first stop will be Kleve. The only bad thing is that it is on top of a hill. Getting there was not really easy. 

On my way there I passed the Rhine river. The one that also flows through Cologne. It is a sign that I am really close to home. It is a funny feeling to know that the water passed the place you lived in all your life.

After arriving in Kleve I had to make a decision. Go south towards Venlo, or take the detour over Nijmegen. I asked a woman if Nijmegen was worth seeing and she said I should definitely take a look at it. 

So I went north, and it wasn‘t long that I reached Nijmegen where they had a big carnival (Kirmes) at the moment. I rode around the city which is pretty nice actually, filled up my water bottle at the Tourist Information and made my way towards the the river Maas which will lead me all the way to Venlo and then Maastricht. 

The ways are nice but I sometimes miss a turn and cannot find my way back. So in a little town I asked a man for the way. He told me that I had to go the other way. Suddenly 2 of his friends arrived on a tandem like bike, only that the front seat was a lay back bike. I actually don‘t know how to call them, but they gave me a special advice. I had to follow the route LF3 which will automatically lead me to Venlo and then to Maastricht. 

So I took their advice and followed the route with its very easy to see and to follow signs.

It really guided me right next to the river. The view was stunning but the downside were the flies. Not one, not two. No BILLIONS. Trust me if you ever ride through a cloud of flies u will have them everywhere. In your nose, your eyes, your mouth, and a hundred on your pullover. And this went on for the next 20 km. 

I think I do not need to eat dinner anymore.

Well I did not make it quite to Velo but that is the mission for tomorrow and maybe I will make it all the way to Maastricht. 


But for now give yourself a load o these stats:


Km today:95.03km time travelled: 5h 30min km total:3074km


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