What Day is it?

Day 38 – 9th October 2013


Bergen – Venlo – Roermond – Thorn



I was under pressure today. I wanted to reach Maastricht today and I knew it would be a long ride. 

I rode without a break. Not even stopping in Venlo to look at the city. Just rode and rode. Stopping here and there at a Tourist Information to get some stickers to put on my bikebags later. 

Somehow in the middle I got caught by a heavy rain and had to stop at a gas station until the worst bit had passed. 

A bit wet I reached Roermond but again I did not have the time to check it out.

At 4 pm I called my bro Leon. It was his birthday today. And suddenly I realized it was Wednesday. I thought the whole time it was Thursday and that I had to reach Maastricht today to be in Cologne on Friday. Because Leon is celebrating on Saturday and I would like to surprise him.

A few km after that I lost track of the route signs and could not get back on again. So I just used my compass to fight my way down south.

Somehow I reached the little town of Thorn. Here I found a little Bed and Breakfast. The town itself is very old and was marked on the map as “Historic Thorn“. So I went around the town after my shower. It is actually very neat but also small. I took some pictures and went to go and eat something. Back in my room I almost forgot to write the blog. Luckily I remembered just before I wanted to go to sleep.


Km Today:93.7km Time on the road: 5h 9min Km total: 3168km


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  1. .

    Aber Du bleibst doch nicht in Köln, oder?

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