A Day In Belgium

Day 39 – 10th October 2013


Thorn – Maastricht




The Maas river is the border between Netherlands and Belgium. I decided to ride a bit on the Belgian side of the river just to be able to say that I was in Belgium.

The woman at the Tourist Office was very friendly and said that the signs for the bike routes were much better in Belgium.

And they were. But I had no time issues. It was only 12 am and I had 40 km to go. 


It did not take me long to reach Maastricht where I met up with Lara and she showed me around. 

We did a city walking tour. 

The city has a lot of old and beautiful buildings. Some of them where old but on the inside very modern. One old church was converted into the coolest book store I have ever seen. After the tour we bought some typical Netherlands food like Vla and sprinkles. 

And I also got myself the Netherlands flag and the logo of Maastricht as a sticker.

At last I showed Lara the pictures and videos from the tour. 


Tomorrow is a big day since I want to bike all the way home and it will be a long ride. 


It was more sightseeing than biking today.


Km today: 54.8km Time travelled: 3h 15min km total: 3223km


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