The End is Always Hard

Day 40 – 12th October 2013


Maastricht – Aachen – Düren (-Cologne)



I made some pancakes for us this morning. Tasted good. Then I got on the road. The rain started soon after I left the house. But it was a light rain and nothing crazy.

I followed another bike route that would lead me to Aachen and then from there I had to see further. 

But the route lead over hills that almost have the right to be called mountains. I would have never thought that Netherlands could be so full of hills. 

It took me a long time to actually reach the border between Netherlands and Germany. It was just a little stone and a small stream that showed me that one country stopped and another began.


In Aachen I got myself a Pizza. Looked at the city for a bit and then it really started raining. My clothes were getting heavier every second and the raincoat that I had did somehow not cover a few parts of my pullover. 

My shoes were wet and my socks felt like they had been taken out of the water.

After a while I stared to freeze and I had just gone half the way. But I was on the road for 4 hours already.

It was very frustrating but when I reached Düren I called my dad and he came with the car and picked me up. I would have probably frozen to death or something like that. 


It feels bad to give up so close to the goal. I am a bit angry with myself. But Oh well I am home now and nothing is better that some fresh made pancakes from my mom.


Km today:86.92km time traveled:5h 16min km total:3310km




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