No alcohol today!

Ladies and gents,


I am happy. I am Revan. And I’m on the bike.
Today, on my way to KarlsCity:. #YOLO

(Notiz an mich selbst: ‚Yolo‘ weniger benutzen es ist nicht mehr modern.)

Well, as you might not want to believe me, today I was well again. Feeling good, riding smooth, breathing the crispy rhine air, feeling some ass pain, the weather was fucking fine today. –it’s alright.

Well, well well.  #theusualexpression

Life lesson today: Riding (the bike) is fun.  #atleastitshouldbe

And: Doppelkekse are the best invention of all time.

Now, let’s talk serious, here is the story for today’s ride:

Well, as you might not want to believe me, today I was well again,

I got up this morning, we had bread in the microwave. Then I rode off, along the rhine route, leaving sleepy Mannheim behind me. (The track was longer than I expected, but beautiful as fuck.)

Mannheim – Speier – Germersheim – KarlsCity. I took the ferry in Speier. Awesome.

So I bought me some nice student food (nuts only), and some nice Tuttifrutti that I exchanged later for some nice Doppelkeks. The weather was also really nice, but there was (for those who check my grammar: were) so many lady bugs, I could hardly breathe.

Mercedes in Germersheim. (some fact I have to mention)

The asphalt along the rhine was really good and so I could go on really fast to see my dear friends Silvan and Max. I realized the rhine is really big and has much water in it. While I was riding my bike, people looked at me in a strange way, because I was singing along with the kooks who played some nice songs on my iPod. Unfortunately, I had to realize that I lost not only my left, but also my right glove!!  Then I called Silvan and Max,  some good an ol’ friends of mine.

And now the new breathtaking revolution of this generation: Sharing a bike DeutschBahn (GermanTrain) Bike in a new, very unusual tandem formation: One is steering, and the other one is kicking the pedals.

Now I thought that Karls would be located right next to the Rhine, but as it turns out it is a hell of a ride to get to the city centre.  My new biking mates were fast and I could hardly keep up with them. On our way, the sun turned away from us an shadows fell upon me and my tough riding mates.

BUT: The night is young, so let’s make the best of it. 🙂

So Ladies and gents, I am very proud to present you the riding facts for today:

Km today: 11041,89cm  wheel turning time time time: 5h 29min 13 sek 25 msek, km total 3440 (tough guy right?)


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