On the Road again

Day 41 – 18th October 2013

Cologne – Mannheim




Home. A place where you can rest and do not have to worry about food, warmth, and a place to sleep. You only start to appreciate things when they are gone. 

If you get the chance thank your mom or dad for making food for you everyday. And be thankful that you have a place that you can call home. 


These are just somethings that I realized when I came home.


What did I do the whole time?

Well I surprised my friend Leon at his birthday party. Played some soccer with friends and played the couch potato, which was really relaxing being able to just lay around or sit in front of the computer for hours. During this time I gave my bike to the place where I bought it and they looked over it very closely, exchanged the chain and the pedals. 


After a week at home, I was ready to leave my house again and start the second part of my adventure. Even though it was very hard to leave home I put my bike in the next best train and headed for Mannheim. 


I left my backpack and tent at home. No need for that anymore. I am traveling light. It is such a nice feeling to have nothing on your back while riding. 

But while in the train I realized my mistake. The view from the train was amazing and I regret the choice with the train. 


Arriving in Mannheim I met my good friend Pia who is studying there. She showed me around and we had the plan to watch the movie Despicable Me. But where to get it?

We just could not find a video rental shop. We rode around the city, which is build in squares and does not have any street names, for about 1 hour. When we finally found one the man told me that I had to sign up at his store and that would cost me 7 Euros. But it is way cheeper to just buy the movie.

So we looked for a electro store. In the store we just could not find the movie and asked the employe if they had the movie. He said that there should be about 13 copies of the movie, but we could not even find one. And me Pia and 2 employes were looking for 1 movie. 

We were about to give up and leave when one of the other 2 found one copy and can you believe it? It cost 7 Euros.

Oh well. After this odyssey  I went to play some floor hockey with Timo, Pia‘s boyfriend. And we watched the movie, had dinner and by then I was so tired that I was in some kind of trance. 



Since I took the train there is not a whole lot of km that I rode today but Pia showed me the city a bit and we took the bikes. So here it goes:


Km today: 20km Time travelled: 1h 47min Total: 3330km


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