The Consequences of a Crazy Night

Day 43 – 20th October 2013

Karlsruhe – Baden-Baden




You might have realized, that the blog entry from yesterday was not written by myself. Even though I have to admit it was pretty awesome. But now here is what happened from my point of view. 

The 2 goofs got a lot of things right. I pretty much rushed down the Rhine river to get to Karlsruhe where Silvan and Max were already waiting for me. 

Then I wrote the blog entry from the day before yesterday and let Max and Silvan have some fun with the blog. 

As you can see they did have a lot of fun writing it. But this is not everything that happened that day. 

We left the house afterward and had one of the craziest nights in my life. ( I am sorry but you wil get no details.)

We went to bed at 5am and therefore got up at about 3pm. The day was almost over and my goal to get to Strasbourg was impossible to reach. 

After bringing Max to the train station, Silvan decided to join me on my journey. 

We did not know how far we could make it today. The sun was already going down. It had rained all morning and the streets were full of mud holes.

Silvans bike had a flat tire and we had to fix it before we left Karlsruhe. It was done in about 10 minutes and we were on our way. 

5km later Silvans tire was flat again. We lost more time with every minute. 

We fixed the tire a second time. By now it was 5pm. The sun was going down. We were on the road again. And I was freaking out because I need to get to Freiburg in 2 days and it seemed like I would not get really far today. 

We went on our way and Silvan rode so fast that I could hardly keep up. 

The muscles were getting sour and the breathing got heavier. But this speed was actually very useful and like this we were able to get as far as possible on this day that was over before it even started. 

The youth hostel in Kehl was full. So we tried for the one in Baden-Baden. We did not get as far as I would have if I woke up at 10am but still got really far for the 3 hour ride that was possible in this warm and humid night. In Baden-Baden We went straight for the youth hostel where I will be sharing my room with a Canadian and a guy from Britain. Then we got ourselves a Pizza. And this time I was the one saying goodbye to the person on the bike. Silvan left me to take the train back to Karlsruhe. It was realy nice having him next to me on the road where we talked a lot and had a big load of fun. 


All in all it was a successful day in comparison to the bad start:


Km Today: 65.53km Travel time: 3h 32min Km total: 3506km



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