2 Beautiful Cities and 1 Criminal

Day 44 – 21st October 2013

Baden-Baden – Kehl – Strsbourg – Offenburg – Freiburg

The plan was to get to Strasbourg and take the train to Freiburg from there. I was under pressure because my train will leave tomorrow at 12.55pm.

A nice ride under perfect conditions made up for the mud fight yesterday. The landscape was beautiful. I had mountains on the left and on the right the Rhine valley. 

Picked up (stole) some apples from a tree and enjoyed them while riding.

The way lead over lots of little rivers and streams, which made me realize why the Rhine river is so huge. There was a Stream every Kilometer flowing into the Rhine. 

Arriving in Kehl I got my ticket for 14 Euros to Freiburg. I crossed over the Rhine and suddenly all signs were in French. Seems like the Rhine river is the border between Germany and France. But it took me another 10 minutes to reach the center of Strasbourg. 

Strasbourg is a very nice city and it seemed like especially good for shopping. But everyone was speaking in french. So I did not stay for long and went down to the train station which looks like a huge glass arena. 

The train left and took me to Offenburg. I took the elevator down to change tracks when suddenly:

“Police! Your ID please.“ said a guy in street clothes, holding a Police badge under my nose. 

I was confused for a second. 2 men and 1 woman surrounded me.

“Ok.“ I said “but let us first get out of the way of the other people.“ We moved to the side.

“Here you go.“ I said while handing one of the men my ID.

He looked at it and got his phone out while the woman started talking to me.

“Where are you going?“

“To Freiburg.“

“All the way with the bike?“

“No I am taking the train and then another one to Italy. After that I will ride my bike. I make things up as I go.“

“Aha Ok. “ she said.

“And what are you guys doing? Just random ID checks?“ I got curious.

“No. You just don‘t look like the usual biker to us.“ She said.

Meanwhile the man on the phone was done and handed me my ID back. I smiled, said thank you and wished a nice day. 

After leaving I regret not asking in what way I did not look like a biker, but it was to late.

I almost missed the train because of this ID check. But I got there just in time. 

Arriving in Freiburg I found myself a place to sleep and wandered around through the city with all its little alleys and historic streets.

Tomorrow it is off to Italy.

Km today: 85.30km Time traveled: 5h 9 min Km total: 3591km

thanks to Kim you can see a Map at the bottom of the page. i will try to update it whenever I can. it shows my current location


4 Antworten zu “2 Beautiful Cities and 1 Criminal

  1. Mark

    Wie krass sind die Polizisten in Offenburg?? Wirst du nicht in Italien begegnen…

  2. Dario

    Hi Revan, das erste mal seit langem deinen Blog mal wieder gelesen. Fabi will demnaechst unseren auch noch ergaenzen. Hoert sich ja spannend an deine Reise 😉
    Inzwischen ist beio uns auch alles teuer in Neuseeland…
    Die Polizisten dachten bestimt du bist ein Terrorist 😉 mit Fahrrad 😉

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