No Bikes Allowed!

Day 45 – 22nd October 2013


Freiburg – Zürich – Como S. Giovanni – Monza – Milano




I had a long day in front of me. My train left at 12.55 pm  but before that I spend some time in a park, reading my book and enjoying the sun.

When the time had come I made my way down to the Central station, but not without buying some apples for the ride. 

The train came and we took off. First stop: Zürich. I arrived at 3.03 pm and my next train left at 3.09 pm. So I had to hurry. When I arrived at the track the train was standing there but not on track 6 as it should be but on track 5. I asked one of the conductors just to be sure it was the right train. He told me it was the right train. Than his gaze wandered to my bike and he said with an unfriendly tone: “You cannot take your bike on this train.“

I was puzzled, since the ticket man in Cologne said I could go all the way to Milano. But all my efforts were wasted and the conductor told me to check at the Information desk.

At the Information desk the woman told me to go into the Travel Center. In the Travel Center the man told me to take a seat. 

After a short wait a woman called me to her counter and I described my problem to her. She looked puzzled and cursed the man in Cologne, although he seemed very nice to me. 

She searched a little on her computer and then gave me another connection to Milano Central that would take me 3 hours longer. And I had 3 places where I would switch trains. 

This was no luxury at all but at least it was a way to get to Milano.

All of these worries were soon forgotten when the beautiful mountains surrounded the tracks and the train with it. Huge valleys that had little streams at the bottom and a green that could have been painted. I even saw a mountain that had snow on top. At this point I realized that it would not have been a good idea to cross the alps with the bike. I would have died of exhaustion on the way.

The 3 stops where really annoying and by now I felt hungry again. All 3 apples were eaten and I got fiercely hungry.

When I finally arrived at Milano Central my friend Mark picked me up and showed me around Milano with its Cathedral and all the other beautiful old buildings. After a while Marks friend joined us and we wandered around together. 

It became very late and we decided to go to Mark‘s home. But the last train had already left.

We stood around almost an hour in which 4 busses should have passed, but none of them did. Than all 4 arrived at once. We got into the 2nd one because the first one was very full. But the moment we got into the bus we were sent out because of my bike.

The 3rd bus did the same and told us to ride to Mark‘s place. But it was way to far. 

At last the 4th bus let us in and brought us to Mark‘s beautiful flat where we had Spaghetti as Italians always do.





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