Another Day In Italy

Day 47 – 26th October 2013


Piacenza – Parma – Reggio Emilia





I think I was spoiled in Germany with all the youth hostels over there. The one I woke up in this morning was bad.

My bed was missing a few duckboards, the shower would not get warm and the breakfast was poor.

I got out of that place as fast as I could and got on my bike again. 

The way was easy. I just had to follow one road that would lead me all the way to Parma and then to Reggio Emilia. 

On my journey I had just one critical moment where I was just about to get on a highway. In the last second another biker from a side road yelled something in Italian and I realized that bikes were not allowed on this street.

A few minutes later I reached Parma which reminded me a bit of Fierenze. I was happy to see a bigger city because on the way from Milano there was only Industry and dirt.

I also have to take back my comment from yesterday. There are actually some bike routes but only after Parma on my way to Reggio Emilia. As you can figure the ride was a lot easier now.


When I arrived I first looked for the Hostel and found it immediately. It looks like an old Roman Villa. And there are paintings on the walls and in the middle is a big yard that is surrounded by the building. 


After I got my stuff in the room and took a HOT shower I decided to look at the city. It turns out to be very beautiful with lots of small alleys but also large open spaces.

I had myself some Italian Gelato and took a  few pictures. 

When I was done I went back to the hostel and here I found a piano. I asked the guy if I could play a bit. He said yes and I sat down in this roman yard and gave the whole place a classical touch.


We will se how good the breakfast is tomorrow.


Km today: 96.24 km time traveled:4h 31min km total: 3804km


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