The Philosopher On The Bike

Day 51 – 30th October 2013


Venezia – Castel Franco – Bassano del Grappa




Yesterday I stayed up long to finish that almost 3 page long blog entry. The result was that I was still tired in the morning. I got kicked out of the hotel at 10 am and tried to find my way off the island. 

I decided to go the way I came since i did not see a place to ride on the other side of the street. This worked out nicely on the bridge, but once I was on land I had a problem. The way lead me onto the motorway and the cars were all going into the opposite direction. I had two choices. I could either ride all the way back to Venice and ride back on the other side of the road. Or push my bike over the little bit of green bush and wildly grown grass behind the guarding board of the road.

I chose option number 2. It was very tiering. Tons of spiderwebs caught my fingers, face and my bike. And I even had to carry my bike a few times to avoid deep ditches or water. 

It was hard and annoying work and when I finally reached the end of the motorway and had a chance to get on normal streets again, my mood was at rock bottom.

I don‘t want to go. Don‘t want to ride. Don‘t want to get anywhere. 

I sat down. And everything was stupid.

I do not know how long I just sat there. Doing nothing. Just sitting. Then I remembered that I put some presentations about happiness on my iPod that I could listen to. Suddenly everything was going well again. I got on my bike again and listened to some Professor holding a speech about what happiness is and how to archive, maintain, and just becoming happier in general.

To any of you who travel a lot, or do things where the mind can wander off and listen to someone talk, like driving a car or cooking I highly recommend to download some speeches/presentations about things you find interesting. I learned a lot today just being on my bike and listening.

You can get these speeches and talks on iTunes University or as Podcasts. If you also think about what happiness is and so on I think you should check out the “What Is Happiness?“ course from iTunes U. (these are videos but they also work as audio)

While I was riding on my bike on the surprisingly well build bikeways I saw an old woman struggling to get up and a similar woman trying to help her up. I immediately stopped and helped her up. She must have crashed with her bike somehow. I double checked 5 times if everything was OK. But she seemed fine and they both left with a kind “Gracie!“

The rest of my journey was just riding my bike to reach Bossano del Grappa. The last city before the Alps. And from here the mountains look very dangerous and like a lot of work tomorrow. I know tomorrow is going to be a hard day. I will try to get a good night sleep and remain happy.


Km today: 84 km time travelled: 5h km total: 4160km


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