Into The Mountains

Day 52 –  31st October 2013

Bassano del Grappa – Caldonazzo – Trento – Lavis

The day stated well with a nice breakfast that actually filled my belly. The only confusing part were the people around me: Straight in front of me was a German couple, Behind me an English or American and on my right 2 Turkish guys. All the languages I speak were united in one room and I did not know what to listen to.

Satisfied with the breakfast I started to head into the mountains. Those things looked impressive. It was a totally different atmosphere being surrounded by 2 “walls“ that reach into the sky and disappear between the clouds. I started out on the country road. But soon it turned into some kind of highway but still remained a country road. Soon the trucks began to honk at me while I was riding at the far right end of the road. A few minutes later I saw it. A bike way along the river. But i was still on the car road and there was no way off. I was forced to ride along a bit longer until I found a place to rest for a bit. While resting I checked if there was a bikeway that went parallel to the car road.And there was. It was a well build bike route that would lead me almost to Trento.

The ride was hard. I always had the feeling that I was slowed down by something. I realized that it must be the slight and continuous slope that was dragging me down. But even though the ride was hard the view and the landscape was astonishing. The river had water as clear as Ice and the mountains were glowing in the sunlight.

After a few hours of riding I got hungry again. As if I had planned it I passed an apple plantation and got myself an apple. Turns out it was the best apple I had ever had. I kept 5 pips and I am planning on getting my own apple tree. (I hope it works. Any tips?)

I still was hungry after the apple and so I went to a supermarket in Caldonazzo. I was missing 6 Cents so I sadly had to pay with my card.

With a full belly I went on my way again. But from now on the bike route stopped and I had to find my own way. Turns out I got lost a few minutes later. And after that the road would lead into a tunnel where I could not go in with my bike.

I had to take the long detour up and over the mountain. A painful ride. But once I reached the top, the view was amazing and from now on it was only downhill. I reached a velocity of 60 km/h and Trento in a few minutes. Michele was waiting for me at the central station with his bike and we rode the last few km to his house together.

I was welcomed very warmly and felt comfortable at once.mAfter a shower we went on our way to get some money from the bank and to get some Pizza. But when I was standing in front of the ATM I could not find my card. I looked everywhere but could not find it. I must have left it at the supermarket. I will keep you updated about that matter but for now I will relax a bit.

Km today: 116.22km time traveled: 6h 7min km Total: 4277km


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