Italy At Its Finest

Day 53 – 3rd November 2013


Trient – Brenner – Innsbruck







I spend the last few days with Mark and Michele. Going from one place to the other. Sleeping one night at Michele‘s place and the next at Mark‘s. I was downed in hospitality. 


All the talk about Italian food and how it is so good was still bugging me, because I had not yet eaten the delicious food that I was promised. But now I have figured it out. I believe that you will not find the wonderful Italian food in restaurants, but  rather in the homes where you will get a good home cooked meal from a real Italian mother(or father).

I had no money during my whole stay here, since I had left my EC card at a supermarket in Caldonazzo. Thanks to my friends I did survive as they took care of me. 

I proved the fact that you could still have fun without money. We played soccer, went to a bar in Trient where I spent my last 2 Euros for a beer and I helped Mark to paint his garage. But we had a lot of fun.

About my credit card: I knew where I had left it. It was a Coop supermarket in Caldonazzo. So we looked the phone number up on the Internet. The Friday was a holiday and we had to wait till Saturday to call. When we did call they told us that they had the card and we could just come and get it. We were very busy that Saturday and after soccer and painting the garage it was already 6.30pm and we were told that the store closes at 7pm. It would take us about 30 minutes to get there. We were in a hurry. And after racing through the Italian cities with Mark‘s astonishing driving skills, we reached the supermarket at 7.08pm. But the luck was with us. The store did not actually close at 7pm but at 7.15pm. I got in and got my card back. The happiest biker in the world.


This morning I decided to take the train back home. I know it is sad but I reached a point on my journey where every KM is just bringing me closer to home and I am just tired of being a homeless rider. 

As it turns out the man at the counter cannot give me a ticket. He said the problem was my bike and I should try it at the DB counter. When we reached the described counter it was closed. It seems like it is impossible to get out of Italy.

I even called my parents and asked them to go to the central station in Cologne and book me a ticket but even that plan failed. How hard can it be to get home?

I guess it is how I said it a few weeks ago on my blog: “The end is always the hardest.“


I will test my luck to the maximum. Now my plan is to take the train to the Austria-Italy border and see if I can get a ticket here. I mean there is no pressure. No time schedule. And no place to be at a certain time. 


I arrived at Brennero at 6.50pm and it seems like there is no TIcket office whatsoever here.  But another traveller struggling to get out of Italy. His goal is Innsbruck. Which is on my way.  The ticket machine would not accept Innsbruck as a destination. By chance we found a man who was willing to explain to us that there is a train that goes to Innsbruck where you can get the ticket for the ride inside the train. So we jumped in and after a few minutes the train was full of people.

No one came to check our tickets and so we reached Innsbruck. He had to take the bus to some other place and I had to find the ticket office.

I found it instantly and got myself a ticket to Cologne! The train will leave tomorrow at 8.58am and will arrive in Cologne Central at 18.42pm. I do not know why it was so hard to get that ticket when I was in Italy.

Now I had another problem. Where do I sleep? I made my way through the city to look for a place to sleep. On my way I found the guy from the train again. He could not find the bus station. So I guided him to the station and waited until he got onto the bus.

I called my parents. And they looked up places to sleep and guided me to a cheep place.

Tomorrow I will be home.


Km today: 17.34km time on bike:1h 22min km total:4294km


7 Antworten zu “Italy At Its Finest

  1. Mom&Dad

    Wir freuen und Dich wieder zu sehen.

  2. Mark

    „Mark‘s astonishing driving skills“. That’s how you talk baby, wooohooo!
    Very pleased to read the wonderful description you wrote 🙂 No idea why is was so difficult to get out of Italy. Maybe it’s beacuse Italy liked you too much to let you go away! Anyway I hate both Trenitalia and Detsche Bahn; the Austrians are the best.
    Add some pics man!

    Next time you loose your Credit Card call me and I’ll be there in a sec!

  3. Mark

    Ich vergesse sowieso nicht. Du sollst mir aber die Photos von den Fliesen schicken.

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