All Good Things Come To An End

Day 54 – 4th November 2013


Innsbruck – Köln





It has been more than 2 months away from home and more than 50 days spend on the bike. 4300km. And lots of hours on the bike.

But like everything even this awesome journey has to come to an end.

I learned a lot on my adventure, met awesome people, and discovered magical landscapes. Every picture that I took tells a story and I would be happy to share them with you in person. (Stay tuned for that, there will be a picture-showing-event.)

Now I will be back to the normal life and I know this journey has changed me in a good way. Not only physically but also mentally. I hope all of you enjoyed the blog and that I encouraged you to use the bike more often, (As you can see you can get very far with those 2 wheels) or helped to improve your English skills.(I know it helped me)

I will also try to make a small movie out of all the videos that I took. I think it is about 30 GB of video footage. 

But I especially would like to thank all of you for staying with me during the whole trip and all the personal messages and comments that lifted my spirits when I was feeling low or just made me happier when I was already happy. 


Even though this is the end, who can ever say if it was the last trip like this. I might do this kind of thing again. Maybe somewhere else. Then I will most definitely also have a blog where you will be able to follow me and share the experience.

Now I will for once enjoy the luxury of sleeping in my own bed and having a parent that will cook for you.


Until next time. Roll on!






The world is full of wonders, but you will have to get out there because they will not come to you.“ 

Revan Sarikaya 04.11.2013


2 Antworten zu “All Good Things Come To An End

  1. kim


    Aber sehr, sehr schön geschrieben. Ja, man merkt förmlich wie Du gewachsen bist; sowohl an Deinen Erfolgen als auch an Deinen Niederlagen. Hiphip-Hurra!

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